Vedic Math School

What is Vedic Math?

       The Vedic Math School has been formed as a result of the growing need around the world for top quality teaching of the Vedic System. Our faculty is currently comprised of 3 Vedic Math (VM) Teachers of international reputation who have taught Vedic Math collectively for over 70 years. For the first time, this group of talented teachers have gotten together to teach individuals who wish to learn VM from the basics up to a Teacher's Certification by Kenneth Williams, a world renowned teacher and author. This school will not teach the tricks and short-cuts exemplified by other websites. Rather, this site will teach VM as a cohesive, complete and understandable system of mathematics. The Vedic Math School provides a continuum of instruction from beginning learners to individuals wanting to teach Vedic Math.

       The school is divided into three areas which can accommodate every individual's and group's needs and requirements: 

       Vera Stevens has been teaching her innovative method for the last sixteen years, both in class and as a tutor, with amazing success. Children learn joyfully through play and story, music and art. This approach aids the students to discover the ways in which the patterns in mathematics exist and guide them to use this knowledge to access their own ability to compute mentally. 

       Richard Blum, an Actuary from the United States, has taught Vedic Math at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels both nationally and internationally for over 15 years. 

       Kenneth Williams, one of the world's leading authorities on Vedic Math, teaches a course to enable individuals to become certified as Vedic Math teachers.  

       For more information regarding each course of study and their associated costs, please click on the appropriate name below:

What is the Vedic Math School?

Vera Stevens

Early Learners of
All Ages
Richard Blum

Elementary, Intermediate
 and Advanced Classes
Kenneth Williams

Vedic Math 
Teachers Training Course
       Vedic Mathematics (VM) is an ancient system of mathematics that was re-discovered by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji between 1911and 1918. Tirthaji (1884-1960) was an Indian scholar well versed in Sanskrit, English, Mathematics, Astronomy and many other areas of science. He deciphered ancient Indian texts, known as the 'Ganita Sutras' (which means Mathematics), to discover 16 short verses, known as 'Sutras.' These sutras when applied correctly, will enable the user to solve many types of math problems mentally without having to use pencil and paper, in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. Tirthaji wrote sixteen books, one for each sutra, describing the application of each to the solution of math problems. Unfortunately, these books were lost. Tirthaji attempted to re-write all of these books from memory, but was only able to complete the first volume entitled “Vedic Mathematics” before his death. This book, which is available today, is the seminal work on Vedic Mathematics. 

       Vedic Math is growing rapidly in popularity. It is currently being taught in schools in England as well as India with VM programs being considered in many other countries around the world.