Vedic Math School

​Richard Blum

       Richard Blum has been a Pension Actuary for 35 years and has been teaching Vedic Mathematics (VM) for the last 15 years. Most recently, he collaborated with Kenneth Williams on the first International Vedic Math Teachers Training Course which trained individuals in 17 different countries to become VM teachers.  Mr. Blum has taught and lectured both nationally and internationally and has made a great effort to spread the merits of this important subject.  

       The courses described below require that the student has an ability to already do basic math, i.e., addition, subtraction and multiplication of single digit numbers. There are no age or grade restrictions to take the courses assuming the student has the basic math ability just mentioned. If a student has a prior knowledge of Vedic Math, they will be welcomed into any level course. If there is no prior knowledge, I would recommend that the courses be taken in order starting from the elementary course.

       Each course will consist of 2 hour sessions presented on-line. Please contact Rick for details regarding the cost of each course.  The number of sessions that it will take to complete each course will be dependent upon how quickly the student can absorb the material. If you have questions after reviewing the syllabus below or would like to arrange for lessons, please use the contact form below to contact me. 

       I have also just pushlished my first book entitled "Math is Not a Four Letter Word - An Introduction to the Study of Vedic Mathematics" This book is comprehensive and excellent for self learning. If you would be interested in purchasing this book, please contact me at  for price and availability. 

Vedic Math School Syllabus

                                                                           Elementary Course

                                                                                          •What is Vedic Math and where did it come from?
                                                                                          •Mental Addition – 2 methods
                                                                                          •All From 9 and the Last from 10
                                                                                          •The Vinculum
                                                                                          •Subtraction – 4 methods
                                                                                          •Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

                                                                         Intermediate Course

                                                                                         •Vertically and Crosswise Multiplication
                                                                                         •Vertically and Crosswise Multiplication Using the Vinculum
                                                                                         •Base Multiplication
                                                                                         •Squares and Square Roots
                                                                                         •Transpose and Apply Division

                                                                           Advanced Course

                                                                                         •Argumental Division
                                                                                         •On the Flag Division
                                                                                         •Recurring Decimals
                                                                                         •Combined Operations

                                                                                                 Additional Topics on Request

If you would like more information, please contact me at:, on Skype or Oovoo at actuary32174 or by clicking the box below.